Saturday, 13 October 2012

Review about Journey 3: From the Earth to the Moon Movie

"Journey 3" is planned to be based on Jules Verne's book "From the Eath to the Moon", which Michael Caine's character passes on to Sean and Hank at the end of "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island". Producer Flynn said of the plan, "We've got a big, expansive adventure for them to go on based on that book, but it's not exactly what it seems."

On the other hand, director Payton told The Hollywood Reporter that the next "Journey" pic will be bigger than its predecessors. " 'Mysterious Island' was one of eight or nine really seminal works. I know we've just scratched the surface of what we can do. This one's going to be a lot bigger," the filmmaker stated.

"We're going to go to a completely different world," he added. "It's just going to be a bigger experience, and we're going to grow the mythology. 'Journey 2' was about rebooting a franchise; now it's about making the seminal work in the franchise."

Journey 3: CAST Returning

New Line Cinema is moving full steam ahead on a new film in its highly lucrative Journey franchise, with Journey 2: The Mysterious Island writers Brian and Mark Gunn three weeks into work on a new script for Journey 2 director Brad Peyton, EW has confirmed.

Producer Beau Flynn, who’s marshaled all of the Journey films starting with 2008′s Journey to the Center of the Earth, tells EW that both Josh Hutcherson’s character Sean and Dwayne Johnson’s character Hank are “absolutely” returning for the new film, which is aiming for a 2014 release. The story will focus on the Jules Verne book From the Earth to the Moon, which Michael Caine’s character gives Sean and Hank at the end of Journey 2. “We’ve got a big, expansive adventure for them to go on based on that book,” says Flynn, “but it’s not exactly what it seems.” No deals are in place yet for any of the actors to return.